For Interior Designers
The RadioZity module adds even more realism to your renderings; it uses a sophisticated algorithm to take all lighting effects into account in a very realistic way.
form•Z comes with a series of libraries, including ready objects like furniture, trees and bathroom items. They can be added to the model just by clicking them into place. You can also define your own libraries, a library object can even be a sub-assembly, including several objects with different surface styles.
form•Z RenderZone enables you to experiment with different textures easily.

Built-in materials can be edited or used directly, new surface styles can be created. Photographs of different materials can be imported and used as surface styles. Reflections, shininess, refractions, roughnesses and patterns can be varied to change the visual characteristics of surfaces. Cloth patterns can be created the same way, making it easy to try out different ideas. Even oil paintings can be hung on walls simply by importing a photo of the painting and applying it on a canvas! Mirrors and lamps can be used as well.

Updated 30.10.98