3D CAD and Rendering Engine for Windows and MacOS


Faucet model (courtesy of Auto•Des•Sys). Modeled and rendered with form•Z RenderZone.
Bottles (courtesy of Auto•Des•Sys). Modeled and rendered with form•Z RenderZone.
3D CAD software is currently perhaps the fastest developing software. It provides the user with features that nobody even dreamed of a few years ago. But that does not come for free; high-end CAD systems cost a fortune. With form•Z, an almost unlimited capacity is available to you for only a fraction of the price of the expensive systems.

Modeling philosophy of form•Z is "If you can imagine it, you can build it with form•Z". That is very true; there are several fine tools to build even the most complex shapes. Not only are difficult shapes possible; modeling is also very easy and logical.

You can include points, 2D elements like paths and surfaces in the same model as your 3D solids. Editing is also easy, just grab an object, face, segment or point and move, rotate, scale, etc.

Skinning, meshing, sweeps and Metaballs™ are the key to complex shapes. Boolean operations allow you to union, difference, intersect and split solids or surfaces.

In importing and exporting form•Z is in a class of its own. Formats like DXF, DWG, IGES, STL, SAT and VRML can all be both imported and exported. This makes form•Z ideally suited to work in a situation where you need to communicate with other CAD systems.

If visualizing new ideas and creating visual presentations is one key area for you, form•Z brings you unprecedented capabilities in the price range. With RenderZone module you can visualize anything from humans to whole environments and complex machines- all this with photorealistic accuracy. You can implant new products and buildings in a real environment- photographs can be brought to the background and the models and perspectives can be matched to blend perfectly with the surroundings.


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Updated 30.10.98