For Architects
Photographs and drawings can be imported as "stickers", patterns or masks. Terrain modeling allows the user to import or draw elevation contours and automatically create undulating terrains. Lighting effects range from unlimited number of custom light to glowing light sources and reflections. Rendering levels available are e.g. Gouraud, Phong, Z-buffer, Raytrace, Open GL and Radiosity.
form•Z offers breathtaking capabilities for architectural design.

Special features allow modeling of basic room and house structures with one tool. Background images can be imported and the model embedded in it. Rendering allows the user to define all imaginable materials, including reflections, bumps and patterns with colors manually, by using built-in databases or also by importing user defined materials as images.

Complete buildings can be modeled, including every single detail inside and outside the building. Model can be viewed from outside or inside, views can be fully customized. Isometric, axonometric, panoramic and perspective views can all be used on wish. Panoramic or object movies can be created on selected rendering levels, allowing the observer to look around as if inside or outside the building.
Updated 30.10.98