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Quality Specification Software for the Machine Designer

Has it ever happened to you that what you have ordered and what you have received are two different things? Why did it happen — did you specify the quality and inspection requirements, and were they even realistic?

Do you know all current standards, concerning quality, properties, inspection requirements, etc.?

It often happens that the designers are not aware of all the requirements needed in specifying an order of castings. There are many specifications that often are not even defined, because "there has never been a need to specify such things, they have always been correct". But— when you order from another source, can you be certain they know all the details that you and your trusted supplier have defined over the years as being "correct"? No.

What about liability — if there is a batch that does not fulfill your expectations. Can you be certain you gave all necessary information to your supplier that they must follow? Say, if you forget to mention the impact strength requirements, just because the steel that they cast in your main supplier's foundry does fulfill that specification. What if the steel used for this part in the other foundry is different, fulfills the other specifications but not the impact strength, because it is not defined by the standard?

What if you asked for unnecessarily high quality level — do your suppliers ask you to change it, do they just do it with the normal level without asking first, or do they all quote a higher price because of added cost?

The fact is that fulfilling standards do not necessarily ensure proper quality, it is often additional treatments and procedures that are needed. Even if you define, say, a tensile strength requirement, it is futile without the requirement to do a tensile test.

CastSPEX™ can help you define relevant quality levels and inspection requirements. Even if you do not know all of them, just let CastSPEX™ select the normal requirement levels — they are sensible, providing lowest possible cost combined with relevant quality. Then, if your specifications are different , you can change them, and CastSPEX™ will adjust all related requirements automatically. This methodology will ascertain you have defined the best possible quality requirements, leaving nothing open for guessing.



CastSPEX helps you select relevant quality levels for your components


CastSPEX prints you a ready sheet with all casting specifications.

CastSPEX Introduction >> Unfortunate Cases from Reality


Updated 14.08.00