Feeding System Design Software for Foundry Engineers

CastDESIGN™ is a totally new kind of software, which is based on CastCAE simulation program. CastDESIGN analyzes the feeding requirements of the casting, and proposes suitable risers and feeders to proper locations. CastDESIGN was introduced at the AFS CastEXPO98.


CastDESIGN shows the suggested risers and their locations.
CastDESIGN divides the casting into feeding areas, so the old and clumsy modulus method that is traditionally used to do the same job is no longer necessary. CastDESIGN takes all the three dimensioning rules into account:
  1. feeding distance rule
  2. feeding metal volume rule
  3. solidification time rule

With the help of parameters that are defined in the foundry, all risers and feeders can be included in the library. Based on the library, CastDESIGN proposes the best possible riser for each location.

CastDESIGN is available also as a module to CastCAE simulation program. With that combination it is convenient first to analyze just the casting with CastDESIGN, and based on the proposal, add the risers and then add the gates and runners according to foundry specs and then do a full-scale CastCAE simulation. The use of CastDESIGN will save valuable time in the dimensioning. This is especially important when new jobs are introduced almost daily and time cannot be wasted on accurate dimensioning. Traditionally, most systems have been risered on the safe side, which has decreased the yield and profitability. CastDESIGN can do this job more effectively, especially because computers can be employed 24 hours a day. The foundry engineers have then more time to perfect the methods and increase the yield and avoid casting problems.

The effect of the parameters like the materials used, can be included in the databases, as well as the desired safety factors.

Updated 07.08.00