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What Does CastCHECK Show?

TOP: Trivial design of the valve housing with constant wall thickness. The analysis shows that this component is not very castable and will require complicated (more expensive) rigging system and perhaps use of many chills, which are expensive to remove. Possible defect areas are shown as white spots in X-ray picture created by CastCHECK program.

BOTTOM: Redesign of the valve housing having unequal wall thickness resulting less possible defect areas (white spots). The analysis indicates that the new design is easier to cast. The rigging system for this design will be significantly simpler than for the trivial design (Fig. 1).

Pekka Korhonen, Neles-Jamesbury:

"CastCHECK-analysis gives good clues about the castability of the component compared to casting simulation programs and to the real casting tests. I believe that after some practice, even the designer with little knowledge about casting technology can achieve reasonably good results and forecasts about castability of the piece with CastCHECK. With this information it is easy to estimate the castability and open the discussion with the foundry."

CASTech Conference paper 05/97 - Casting Simulation as a Tool in Concurrent Engineering



CastCHECK Introduction >> Basics >> Modeling the Geometry


Updated 30.10.98