CastCAE Case Study 3/95
Casting: A Valve Body (Neles Controls, Finland)
Foundry: Raahen Teräsvalimo Oy, Finland
Consulting Company: CASTech Inc, Finland
Material: Stainless Steel
Casting Requirements: No defects allowed
Simulation System: CastCAE 1.2 Basic/ Apple Power Macintosh 6100/66 MHz (72 MB RAM)


The foundry casts various valve components for Neles Controls. The foundry had experienced some defects in this particular model that resulted in repair welding. The foundry was considering investing in a simulation program, so this component was selected as a test case. The simulations were done at the foundry, with the purpose to acquaint the methods engineer with the system. The problem situation was simulated and defects were predicted exactly as the foundry had experienced. A change was made in the system with an added circular chill inside the hole and insulating sleeves were added to the risers. The result was a sound casting, which was later verified at the foundry.

The valve body (rendered with form•Z)
The geometry of the final solution as seen in CastCAE – red is casting, green is riser, tan is insulation and blue is chill
The old casting system. In the thin wall section the feeding from the riser above is not cut, thus creating a long mushy zone.
The old casting system. The defects cluster at the junction of the wall and the flange. The feeders in the lower flange have not functioned.
The new casting system. The feeding has been cut to two separate areas by placing a circular chill around the core. The new casting system. The outcome is a sound casting, where the defects have moved to the neck. The feeders in the lower flange have functioned properly.

More detailed information about this case available on request.